Twenty One Days

Twenty One Days

 Welcome to the 21 Days of Prayer

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Thank you for joining us for 21 Days of Prayer, leading up to, and including Easter morning. We know that prayer changes everything and that God is faithful to hear our petitions. Each day we will add a specific prayer point below. Please take a few minutes to focus on that point in prayer, along with anything else God may put on your heart. With everyone participating in prayer, this will be the most exciting Easter season yet at The Walk. 

day 21

Jesus Is Risen, Just As He Said! This is it, our final day of our twenty-one days of prayer.  We get to celebrate our risen savior today! Thank you for taking this journey with us!  Today, pray, that as people visit churches around the world,  lives are changed, hope is restored, and the lost are found. Pray that we all Come Alive

Jesus, you rose from the dead, just as you said.  Death has been defeated, and because of you Lord, we have a hope for eternity with God.  We can never repay the debt, but we can say Yes to your plan for our lives.  Help us do that today and everyday. God we thank you! We pray that even beyond our Easter celebrations, you will draw people to us and bring them into a community of faith!
Matthew 28:6

day 20

Death could not hold Him! Jesus knew his purpose and he gave his life freely to redeem mankind. The son of God, hung on a cross, but Sunday's coming! Today, pray for what God has in store for Easter service. Pray that people would Come Alive in their faith. 

Thank you God that you had a plan of redemption through your son. Thank you God that Jesus' death on the cross was not the end, but the beginning of new life for us.  We ask God that you move on the hearts of people to come to Easter service and to hear the hope of redemption for their life, perhaps for the first time! We pray that you would light a fire in the souls of people that can't be extinguished!
2 Corinthians 5:17

day 19a

Today is one of the big days we've been planning and praying for.  Let's pray that people are compelled to follow the nudge of the Holy Spirit and come to The Walk Church and to be touched by the revelation of God's love for them.  May all who enter experience the truth of Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. 

God, you loved us so much, that you sent your son, to die on a cross for our redemption. What a great love, one that we don't fully understand.  We pray today that many would experience the revelation of your love as they engage in our Good Friday service. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice 2000 years ago! Thank you God for what you are going to do tonight!
Matthew 27:27-54

day 19

People want to be connected, to have community. The Walk Church is the answer for many people looking to be connected to a community. Today, pray that God leads people to The Walk that desire to be part of a community of believers and build authentic friendships.    

God, you designed us and built us for community, to belong.  We thank you that want to use The Walk Church as a bridge for many people to connect.  We pray that You God, by your Holy Spirit, will draw people to us that want and need community.  May we care for them and show them your love, by our actions.  Bring people from all walks of life and all around our area to come together and form authentic friendships. Build The Walk to be a thriving community!
1 Corinthians 13:1-2

day 18

As we have made efforts to reach out into the community with our Easter week, we want to look at what is happening beyond Holy Week. Today, let's pray together for the impact The Walk will have in people's lives in the coming weeks and months.   

God, we know and trust that you are doing a mighty move for our Easter week and bringing first time guests to our house.  We know you are drawing people and preparing their hearts to receive You! We are also asking God, that people continue to visit The Walk as a returning visitor, or a new guest in the weeks ahead. We pray you'll bless the plans that are in place for our Sunday and Wednesday services in April, May and beyond! Bring people to be a part of The Walk community! 
Acts 2:47

day 16

Every heart needs to be filled with the good news! The good news is that Jesus came to give us life and give it more abundantly! For some, the good news is a reminder of what we already know to be true.  For others, the good news is a beacon of hope when we are feeling hopeless. Today, let's grab ahold of the good news and share it with others!

Jesus, you freely gave your life, so that we may live an abundant life. We are so grateful for the good news, and without it, we would be lost. We pray that today, we would demonstrate the good news by our actions and attitudes. Let our lives be a banner of good news to others because of you! 
John 10:10

day 15

We all have friends and family that we love and care about.  Today, let's pray for them and ask God to move in their lives and encounter them in a way that only He can do. For those friends and family that don't yet have a relationship with God, pray their eyes and heart would be opened to receiving the truth.  

God, you know the names of every friend and family member in our lives.  You know what they are facing and what they need.  We pray for our friends and our family today, that you, by Your Holy Spirit, would encounter them right where they are and be close to them.  For those that don't have a personal relationship with you Lord, we ask that their hearts would be softened and ready to receive the truth of who You are. 
John 3:16

day 14

Our Holy Week series begins today. Our prayer point is that every person that enters The Walk Church today has a special encounter with Jesus Christ, the one who gave his life freely so that we may have life. 

Hosanna In The Highest! We are so grateful God for our redemption, made possilbe only by the blood of your Jesus.  We know that Jesus came that we might have life and more abundantly and we are so thankful for that. Speak to each person, God, who enters The Walk Church today and fill them with hope and gratitude. 
John 12:13

day 13

Tomorrow is our first service of our Holy Week series.  Let's pray for every person that will enter the doors of The Walk Church, whether a first time guest, or a regular attender, to be touched by God's presence.  

As we gather together tomorrow at The Walk, God we ask that you would do something amazing for each person in attendance. Your word promises that where two or more are gathered in your name, You are in the midst and we are thankful for that!
Matthew 18:10

day 12

It's not always easy going to a new place and meeting new people, and it can even discourage people from stepping out.  We want our first time guests to feel comfortable and welcomed. Today, pray that God will bring people to The Walk, and  their anxiety and hesitation would quickly dissappear as they connect and experience authentic community. 

God, you have a plan to bring first time guests.  We pray that as people step out in a new direction to attend The Walk Church, they would feel instantly connected and comfortable. We pray that we would do our part, as a church, in sharing your love with everyone we meet. 
Romans 12:12-13

day 11

Children are a gift from God! We love our litle ones at The Walk Church and we want to be faithful to pray for them, as well as for those God is bringing to us. In today's prayer focus, please pray that our children would grow in their faith and love for Jesus. Also pray for the parents and the teachers. 

God, Your word commands us to train up a child in the way that he should go.  Help us to teach our children of your ways and help us to lead by example. There are more families you want to bring to The Walk Church and we pray that our children's ministry would grow in all age groups.  We pray for all the parents and teachers, God, continue to give them wisdom and guide them. 
Proverbs 22:6

day 10

Today's prayer point comes from our midweek series on Becoming A Contagious Christian.  On our first week of the study, we made a list of people, within our sphere of influence, that we want to see come into a relationship with Christ.  Who is on your impact list?  Take a few minutes to pray for them specifically.

God, we pray today for the people we have named on our Impact List.  These are family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers and acquaintances that we want to see experience the hope, that you alone God, provide.  We pray for reconciled relationships with you Lord and for a new life in Christ to spring up in their lives. 
2 Corinthians 5:17

day 9

God has faithfully placed us in the community of Rancho Bernardo for this season. There are appx 88,500 people living in RB, with the median age being 38.  That number represents families and individuals that may need to hear about the hope that is in Christ or are looking for a church to call home.  Today pray for the community; the residents, the businesses, the churches, the first responders and all those in authority. 

God, you know every person that lives and works in Rancho Bernardo.  We pray for our community that you would help guide those who make decisions, protect our first responders and bless the businesses and churches. Thank you God that you surround our city with your presence and draw people unto yourself. Let The Walk Church be a city on a hill that is not hidden, that declares your mighty power to our city!
Matthew 5:14

day 8

All of the postcards that were mailed out will be arriving at the homes today and tomorrow.  Our prayer point for today is that each card would be received and read. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move on the hearts of each person in the household. Pray that the words on the postcards would stay in their mind and heart and they would take an action step toward God and toward attending The Walk Church. 

God, we know that you can turn a simple postcard in the mailbox into a nudge from your Holy Spirit to bring about a change in people's heart.  We pray that all the cards that have been sent would be received and read.  We pray that every household would have a God moment with you as they read.  We ask that for a moment, they would feel loved and included by You! We are praying for miracles to occur through these postcards. 
Zechariah 4:6

day 7

Today, all across the nation, people are gathering to worship God. Pray today for God to be lifted high in every church and that people would come into the saving knowledge of Jesus.  May each church fulfill their purpose today. 

God, may you be glorified and lifted high today in the church. We pray for those that may be entering a church for the first time, that you would move on their hearts and they may surrender their lives to you.  

day 6

Tomorrow is Sunday, our favorite day of the week! Our prayer focus for day 6 is for our church service preparations.  Pray for our pastors, our worship team, our teachers, our welcomers/connecters and everyone who serves at The Walk Church.  Pray also for any first time guests who join us for service. 

God, we thank you for everyone who serves at The Walk Church and how they each add their part in the service.  Help all the preparations go according to Your plan for tomorrow. We ask that You would bless each person who enters The Walk tomorrow with your peace, your presence and your love.  
1 Corinthians 12:20


day 5

Are we ready for God encounters?  Today's prayer focus is for us to be ready and willing to sieze the opportunity when God brings someone across our path that needs encouragement, love and the hope of Jesus. Also to be watchful and expectanct of those encounters. Let God use us to shine His light. 

God, we pray that you would entrust us and bring people across our path to minister encouragement, love and hope in You.  We pray that we would be ready, willing and able to see the people that you would have us encounter and be Your ambassador in what we do and what we say.  
2 Corinthians 5:20


day 4

Today's prayer focus is on personal invitation. Who will you invite to our Easter services? Have you made an "impact list" and thought about how you will extend the invite? Pray for the opportunity for personal invitations to family, neighbors, friends and co-workers. 

God, we pray today that you remind us of the people you want us to reach out to with a personal invitation for Easter. Bring people to our minds and create an opportunity for conversation and invitation.
1 Peter 3:15


day 3 web

5,000 postcard invitations are currently in route to the local post office for distribution. Please pray that each postcard arrives at its destination timely and in good condition. Pray for every household that will receive a postcard. 

God, we pray that the postcard invitations would arrive timely to each address. We know that You, God, know every person at every address and we know you want to do something unique in each of their lives.  Use The Walk Church to connect, encourage and offer community. 
Join Us For 15 Minutes of Prayer Before Our Midweek Service Tonight - 6:45


day 2 WR

Becoming A Contagious Christian (Bill Hybels, Mark Mittelberg & Lee Strobel) is our current series. We are learning that engaging people and sharing our story can be done in a way that is genuine, natural and in our own style. Our prayer focus today is that we continue to become more confident as God brings opportunities for us to encounter people and shine a light for Him. 

Lord Jesus, continue to help us and teach us how to be salt and light in the world around us. Bring us opportunities to engage others, share our story and bring hope to those who have none. Jesus, you are the way, the truth, and the life.
Romans 10:14


 day 1

Preparations for our Holy Week Services (Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter) are in full swing.  Please join us in prayer today for all the projects, the planning and the people working hard to complete them.

God, we are grateful for all that you have given us.  We ask that You help us with all the planning taking place for our Holy Week Services. Bless the people that are working on projects and give them wisdom and favor. 
1 Corinthians 3:8-10